Recruiters of Permanent Staff.


Technical and Professional Specialists.


–Peter F. Drucker

“No part of the productive resources of industry operates at a lower efficiency than the human resources.


 In the better use of human resources lies the major opportunity for increasing productivity in the great majority of enterprises-so that the management of people should be the first and foremost concern of operating managements, rather than the management of things and techniques, on which attention has been focused so far.”


Peter Drucker  (1909 - 2005)

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Ideally situated near all Gauteng Industrial and Commercial centres, Rand Personnel is made up of one of the largest centralized team of Permanent Placement Consultants in South Africa.

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Jobs employment recruitment
About us

Ten experienced consultants operating under one roof


We know each others Candidates and we can network extensively. The Consultants are continuously cross-referencing with each other in order to ensure maximum match-ups between the vacancy and all suitable candidates.


Quietly going about our business


We do not have a strongly branded corporate image and as a result, all our clients have to be developed and then retained purely through good service. We do not have the comfort zone of relying on the marketing of a well known / well promoted name in order to replace lost clients. This has results in fewer key clients, and they get “five star” service.


Offices centrally situated to all of Gauteng


Easy to reach both from an Applicant and a Client point of view. This is convenient when it comes to client visits and applicant interviews. Should you wish to discuss your vacancies on a face to face basis, in most cases, we can be at your office within half an hour.


An extensive pool of Candidates


Our applicant database system is one of the major contributions to our success. Flowing from the 200 new applicants interviewed each month, we have been able to develop and maintain a feeder database of 15 000 candidates which supplies a first line active database holding a maximum of 4 000 highest calibre, tertiary qualified and fully referenced candidates.  All of whom are available to all 12 Consultants networked to the system.  All our candidates are screened in depth to ensure a Database Pool of top calibre applicants. All our candidates will be reference checked and, if required, credit and criminal checks run.


Consultants who are selective, knowledgeable and dependable


We are continually training and upgrading our Consultants who are able to process and match-up against the most technical of orders. We are also aware that clients like to work with one Consultant over a long period and our successful record of staff retention is something we regard as a special achievement. 


A high quality, low volume operation


Our Consultants tend to be very selective with the number of candidates they will put forward to a position, but are still able to find suitable candidates. We encourage our consultants not to send out more than 3 curriculum vitaes per job specification, so as not to inundate you with responses. This means you will only be sent the most qualified applicants for the position.





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