"Choose a job you love, and you

will never have to work a day

in your life."


Our Staff

11 of our staff and management have been with Rand Personnel for an average of 15 years! Our low staff turnover statistics have not come easily. In a very stressful, short-term industry, Rand Personnel has a group of people who love their work, look on it as a long-term professional career and have a good working relationship with Management and each other.


Our large team enables better “networking” which lends itself to team building. The dynamics produced by a large team inevitably leads to success and therefore job satisfaction.


We do not have a corporate image and we do not have a name-awareness policy. As a result, all our clients have to be developed and then retained purely through good service. We do not have the comfort zone of relying on the marketing of a well known / well promoted name in order to replace lost clients. This has resulted in fewer key clients, and they get “five star” service.


Our fees for all placements are based on 15% of annual CTC (includes car allowance and 13th cheque but excludes all other allowances and company contributions) and carry a 90 day free replacement guarantee. This is very competitive in South African markets.

Working for our clients

It is our policy to dedicate one Consultant to each Client – it is our unshakable belief that once a Consultant has met a Client, identified his particular needs, built up trust, empathy and understanding, that cycle of rapport should never be broken.


We are not ‘Specialists’, we are ‘Generalists’ who would prefer to look after all the needs of a select number of clients rather than a select need for a large number of clients. We build up an understanding of the particular needs of your company in order to become “part of the family / an extension of your company”.

Embracing the rainbow nation

Our B.B.B.E.E. (Qualified Small Enterprise) Scorecard stands at a level 4 contributor (110% procurement level) at present. We are very proud to have obtained this high ratio.


Our applicant database system is one of the major contributions to our success. Flowing from the 200 new applicants interviewed each month, we have been able to develop and maintain a feeder database of 15 000 candidates which supplies a first line active database holding a maximum of 4 000 highest calibre, tertiary qualified and fully referenced candidates who are available to all 12 Consultants networked to the system.

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