"Work to become, not to acquire."

Elbert Hubbard

Our terms and conditions

WHEREAS RAND PERSONNEL carries on the business of a private employment office (Reg. Cert. No. 4016) as defined in the Guidance and Placement Act No. 62 of 1981, the terms and conditions relating to services rendered by RAND PERSONNEL are set out hereunder :




1.1 RAND PERSONNEL make no charge to the Client until the Client actually employs a successful Applicant and the Client will only be invoiced once the Applicant starts work, with payment of our fee due 30 days from start date.

1.2 In the event of any Applicant being offered and accepting any work from the Client within a period of 1 year of being introduced to the Client, RAND PERSONNEL will be entitled to charge a full placement fee. In the event of any Applicant being offered and accepting any work from the Client within a period of 2 years of being introduced to the Client, RAND PERSONNEL will be entitled to charge 50 % of a full placement fee.

1.3 The engagement of an Applicant introduced by RAND PERSONNEL to the Client will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1.4 In the event of a client forwarding details of the Applicant to an associate company or a third party, who in turn employs the Applicant, RAND PERSONNEL shall charge the third party at the normal rate as per our standard Terms and Conditions of Business.

1.5 Responsibility for final selection of a prospective employee rests solely with the Client, and RAND PERSONNEL does not accept any responsibility for the fidelity of the Applicant or for any damages that may arise as a result of the actions of any Applicant introduced by RAND PERSONNEL, unless there was a criminal record or prior unacceptable conduct, which was verified by MIE or a previous employer and not disclosed tot he client by Rand Personnel.

1.6 On verbal confirmation by the Client, of an interview appointment time as arranged by RAND PERSONNEL, it shall be deemed that the Applicant was introduced by RAND PERSONNEL.

1.7 Rand Personnel shall undertake to conduct verification of criminal clearance, education qualification and credit checks on all candidates selected for placement.

1.8 Rand Personnel undertakes to conduct references with a direct Manager on candidates selected for placement. These references will include verification from the relevant comapny's HR Department to validate the reasons for leaving and the reporting structure of the candidate.



2.1 The fee payable once the Applicant commences employment, is based on a percentage of the Applicant's annual CTC and is payable within 30 days from the starting date. Failure to do so invalidates our guarantee.

2.2 The fee for recruiting applicants at all levels is 15% of Cost to Company (exc. VAT). This is based on annual cash component which includes guaranteed annual bonus and car allowance, company medical aid contributions, company pension contributions etc., but does not include overtime and sales commission. Company vehicles will be charged as a nominal rate of R5 000 per month.




3.1 All applicants are covered by a 90 day FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Should the candidate leave your employ within this initial 90 day period for any reason other than retrenchment, RAND PERSONNEL will provide one suitable replacement at no extra cost to the Client. Guarantee is invalidated by failure to pay the invoice within 30 days.

3.2 Should RAND PERSONNEL be unable to find a suitable replacement or should the Client find a replacement from another source, RAND PERSONNEL will credit the Client with 50 percent (50%) of the original fee, this 50% can be held in credit or refunded in cash - the client can make that choice.

3.3 Failure by the Client to ensure that the full fee is received by RAND PERSONNEL within thirty days from the Applicants starting date will INVALIDATE the Guarantee, while the full fee will remain payable.


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